C - Technology

Monitor Areas

Premium Camera Systems

Keep eyes on any property from 4 cameras up to 32! Our systems come equipped with state-of-the-art technology from color-night-vision to area alerts! Systems can also can be equipped with different style cameras to fit the area being watched and with audio option. These systems are perfect for stores, offices, day-cares, churches, schools, recreation centers, pool areas, etc! Contact Us today and schedule a free quote!

IP full system estimates:

*16 camera IP system approx.: $4299 

*8 camera IP system approx.: $2899 

5MP DVR system:

*6-8 camera system approx: $1899

*Current offers/estimates valid to businesses within 50 miles of 19462

* Approximates are based on normal installation, not extended cable runs, PTZ cameras, conduit, trenching, man-lifts, any mounting above 20ft or other obstacles uncommon to most typical installation conditions. We can provide an estimate for any additional work needed.  

Layered Security

Premium Access Control 

Add more security to a certain area or the entire property. Our modern systems can hold up to 5k users with individual access cards, keypad codes or cell phone access codes (for those who do not want to carry access cards). Control 2 to 4 doors equipped with wiegand readers and 600lb maglocks. Create specific parameters for doors to be accessed by certain people, keep records of what users were allowed or denied at a particular station and allow access to doors remotely! 

Network cabling and equipment

Stay Connected

Moving into or planning a new office? Need added data lines to a specific area?  We can build and manage robust networks and run data lines for businesses, day cares, churches, offices, recreation centers, etc. We can also help you plan out cabling, connections, data line drops and expanded wifi within any area! Contact us to get a FREE and accurate assessment of the plan needed for your project!

Business Security

Intrusion Systems

Secure small or mid-sized businesses with the versatile Honeywell Lyric  Intrusion system. Utilizing 2 hard-wired zones and a wide range of wireless technology, this system is perfect for many configurations.  Systems can also be accessed and managed via mobile app!

Business Add-ons

Asset Tracking Sensor

Simply affix the sensor to a high value asset and if the object is disturbed or moved, an alarm will be triggered. This is ideal for protecting jewelry boxes, TV's, computers, paintings, antiques, safes, medical equipment. priceless collectibles, etc.

Glass Break Sensor

This sensor allows an additional layer of protection for your windows. With a maximum of 25 feet, this allows just one sensor to protect multiple windows.

Panic Button

Silently alert the authorities when you or an employee detects trouble in your business! A simple 2 second press sends a silent signal to the central monitoring station. It can be worn as a lanyard, clipped onto a belt/shirt or even mounted under a counter.