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Post-Covid Customer retention Solutions


The glaring problem with most loyalty programs is that the location only knows when a top customer is there at the time of check-out. Until then, they are treated like any other customer. There is a wealth of opportunity missed to strengthen the customers relationship to your business.
Using networked cameras you can identify a customer in 1 or multiple locations as soon as they enter your business, alerting staff so they can extend a personalized experience tailored to your VIP! Your staff can greet them by name, offer preferred products/services based on previous interactions, etc. For the restaurant/bar industry, staff a can be notified of the VIP's allergies, favorite drinks, preferred seating boosting VIP's relationship and trust with your business. Smart retail is the future of retaining customers and setting your business apart from the rest!
knowledge in realtime

Implement ID

Utilize ID technology to monitor restricted areas and to notify you in real-time when a specific person enters the area. Watch entryways, lobbies, check-in desks and check-out registers at one or multiple locations across the country!
Small businesses and larger operations like banks, hotels, community centers, child care facilities, luxury loft complexes, schools, etc. can benefit of knowing in real-time when an ID'd person is in a specified area. It can also be used to track staffs attendance or a front desk greeting tool! There are many possibilities  that can be achieved using ID technology!

ID Technology 


The GEIGN utilizes advanced technology to ensure the best results. Typical ID recognition technology has a 30% - 80% success rate. We partnered with a company that identifies more points and uses sophisticated analytics to ensure a 98% - 100% success rate! The system uses cameras that has ultra low-light technology and white light illumination to the accuracy rate can be maintained in various light conditions. In heavy traffic areas it can capture up to 12 faces simultaneously!
  • Register faces via mobile app, USB or local detection.

  • Can be used with access systems for  true contact-less entry. 

  • For franchises or partnered businesses it can be networked with other units to identify individuals frequenting multiple locations anywhere in the country.