MYST 3.1

Vibe. Different.


MYST 3.1  /  Fall 2021

A Professional DJ server and  Ambiance service at a fraction of the cost!

  • Ultra Lounge

    Mixture of lo-fi instrumentals, minimal house music, bossa nova, latin grooves, ambient  beats. 

    Dj set: Chilled house, deep house and latin inspired tunes.

  • Urban Adult Suite

    Mixture of hip instrumentals, neo-soul, afro-beats, RnB, classic soul with a sprinkle of grown hip-hop in later hrs.

    Dj set: RnB, neo-soul, afro-beats, classic soul, grown hip hop (Foreign Exchange, Roots, Common, etc.).

  • Overview

    Based out of Philadelphia, PA... the MYST 3.1 is a music server that provides an all-around different vibe.  The unit can provide savings to your business and provide a different, yet sophisticated vibe for your patrons. This unit isn't  for all businesses, but could be a difference maker in boutique markets as in cigar lounges, coffee shops, specialty restaurants, high-end showrooms and lounges. 

    Forward-thinking, and cutting-edge business owners..... this system separates you from the rest and saves you a substantial amount of money at the same time!

make your hours...happy!

Elegant Ambiance

The MYST 3.1 contains a database of music where every track is reviewed and 'hand-picked' by our dj's to provide a one-of-a-kind, luxurious all-day audio experience.  Your patrons will surely enjoy the ambiance the MYST 3.1, which translates into longer stays and more revenue!

vibe different

Professional Mixes

Weekly 2hr mixes provided by professional Dj's that have been spinning well over 20+yrs. The mixes can be programmed to run any day, for any 2hr slot, even for multiple days! These mixes are perfect for happy hours, brunches or certain increased volume nights where you would like the sound of a dj but don't feel the need to hire, make space and manage a dj.  The MYST 3.1 seamless integration gives businesses one less person to manage.  We know nothing can replace a live DJ for late night parties... but the MYST 3.1 can save you up to 1/2 of the monthly costs of hiring a dj to play background music to liven up other times of the week.

If your business pays $150 for a DJ to liven up a brunch or happy hr every week, you are paying at least $600 to $1200 a month and depending for them to show up on time, if at all. Our weekly programmed professional mixes releases you from the job of managing Dj's for this seemingly 'easy' task. With the MYST 3.1 the ambiance of a DJ is automatic and seamless.

SAVE  approximately $350 to $950 a month by utilizing the MYST 3.1 for your happy hours and/or weekend brunches. You not only get DJ mixes, but you get tailored ambiance music all day! 

Weekly 2hr mixes are $49/ea and can be programmed to re-run at any time. You can save even more money by having DJ sets play on multiple days for an added $17/mo.

2hr. DJ sets $196 + all-day programming : All for only $216/mo.

Sample Ultra mix. A journey thru lo-fi lounge house, latin house and soulful vocals: Ultra Demo 1   Ultra Demo 2

Sample Urban Adult mix.  A blend of old and new R&B, neo soul, and sprinkle of grown hip-hop: Urban Demo 1   Urban Demo 2


MYST 3.1 Information

This is a limited release. Only 35 will be produced worldwide. 20 in the lower 48 states, 15  reserved for international clients.

The system boasts 750gig+ of storage for constant updates to the music database and mix storage. All you need to provide is a power outlet, internet connection and provide us information of your audio connection.

Release / Fall 2021