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Intrusion / Alarm Monitoring

G E I G N has partnered with  a central monitoring station that will call 911 and notify you if there are any breaches in the armed Honeywell system. There are a few ways alerts can be routed:

  1.  Alerts will be immediately sent to the central station without you getting any notification from the monitoring center.

  2. Alerts will be sent to you and the central station simultaneously.

  3. Alerts will be put on 'hold' and the monitoring station will complete an interactive verification process with you to determine to 'cancel' , 'dispatch' or 'hold' the call before/if the central station is notified.

  • Less than most major providers!

  • NO 3-Year Contracts / Billed Monthly, semi annual or annually!

  • GEIGN Video install $149

  • Competitors will lock you into 3 year contracts and penalize up to $1200 if you break contract. We don't have contracts because we trust you will love the Honeywell products, the GEIGN service and will enjoy being our client!

  • Our lower, no-contract rates will surely save you alot of money over time.... SEE THE DIFFERENCE BELOW!

You Are Paying Too Much For Too Little!

*Residential Honeywell Systems are Cellular - Business Honeywell Systems are IP or cellular*

Go with GEIGN!

Unlike the competitors we only provide 1 tier, the best!  The G4 package includes everything in the competitors top tier... for less. We figure, why even offer a lower tier without app control and video in these modern times. Competitors do it so they can up-sell you on what we say should be standard.

Compare our rates with the competitors tiers!

G4 includes: automation, geo-fencing, mobile app (Total Connect 2.0), video integration, etc. 

All for only $1.53 a day!

G4 Semi-annual: $275/6mo.

It comes to only $46/mo.

* Offer is valid for residential and small businesses. Custom pricing  for medium-sized/larger businesses.

View Vector's Packages

Vector, is the most expensive of the 2 major providers.

Their lowest and highest tiers are 'Essential' and 'Connected'. Their mid-tier gives you automation but they block video monitoring.

*Mandatory 3-Year Contract*

Essential: $44.95/mo *no home automation, no mobile app control

Connected: $69.65/mo *automation, mobile app, video integration

YOU pay $415/6mo.

Don't take our word for it. view it here

View ADT's Packages

ADT is vague about what the app provides but they provide an 'Essentials' and 'Premium' package.

*Mandatory 3 year Contract*

Essentials: $36/mo *no home automation, no mobile app control

Premium: $52.99/mo *automation, mobile app, video integration

YOU pay $320/6mo.

View ADT's details here.

Device Protection

We value your investment as much as you do. Upon installing preferred equipment, we will offer a G E I G N Monitoring/Protection Plan that eliminates the headache of 'what to do' and 'how much will this cost' in the event of a failure. (not due to user negligence or vandalism)

Protected: With our monthly G E I G N Device Protection plan we will replace or upgrade failed/defective/recalled products free of charge.  Also, the plan comes with a pro-active monthly performance check-up  where we can remotely dial-in to review the health of the system. If we detect any system issues, we'll contact you to schedule a time to resolve the issue. 

Unprotected: If not under G E I G N Product Protection plan, you will pay full-price for the replacement part and labor fees associated with the repair.

  • $25/mo.  


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