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Protect Your Home

*with competitive 24/7 monitoring and equipment protection packages!

Scalable Modern Technology

Want to add modern finishes, controls and personal security to your business, home, vacation property? Need to monitor your AirBNB? The GEIGN team can recommend and install all the proper scalable technology that makes sense to your living style... now and for years to come! We take the time to select the best technology that makes the most sense with intuitive and  expandable capabilities.  We know how frustrating it is to buy the 'new tech' and then to be forced to buy 'replacement tech' with expanded features after just 2 years! What we recommend is what we personally would use. So whether you want to take the leap into the future all at once or a little at a time, let GEIGN be a part of your journey!

Integrated Intrusion System

Homes, Condos, Apartments... Stay safe with a premium Honeywell Security System! Every Honeywell Security System that boasts many automation features to control native and certain Z-wave products! The hybrid panel is natively wireless with the flexibility of supporting wired products when needed. The bonus? The intuitive interface and 24/7 monitoring packages that are available to make your security system complete!

Base home package: Touch panel, 3 Door/Window sensors, Siren, Motion sensor, Key FOB or Panic button

Fully Integrated Security Add-ons

Wireless Remote Panel Control

This wireless panel is a perfect complement to the Lyric Control Panel. It mimics all the functions, which allows you to fully operate the system from your bedside or when enjoying your entertainment room! You can quickly silence sensors and false alarms without running to the main panel.

Panic/Medical Button

Live alone or with the elderly? Operate  a retail location with large numbers of cash transactions?

A panic button serves as additional security for you,  your loved ones and business. With Honeywell's built-in technology, there isn't a need for a separate medical alert system.

When pressed the panic button notifies emergency services immediately. The button can be installed as a standalone, mounted under a desk or counter. It can also be worn on a lanyard or wrist... even as a clip-on! 

Gain an extra sense of security and comfort knowing that help is just one button press away.

Indoor WiFi Camera

A robust 1080p HD indoor camera is perfect for monitoring rooms remotely.  2-way audio and smart sound detection. It knows the difference between a child crying and a smoke/co2 detector alarming. It also has geo-fencing capabilities to automatically watch any indoor space while you are away.


With a key fob you can arm or disarm the Honeywell Intrusion System without having to access the panel!

Smoke / Heat Detectors

A wireless, photoelectric sensor with fixed AND rate-of-rise detection is a key feature of the smoke/heat detector.  It activates upon reaching 135 degrees or when there is a noticeable rise in temperature of 15 degrees, or more over the course of sixty seconds.

Wireless Camera Systems

A totally wireless system that provides the latest in professional security features without cabling. Every camera is 1080p HD with active deterrance and infared night vision. Solar panels keep the li-ion batteries  charged so  you never have remove the batteries to re-charge them every 3 months. The wireless system also comes with 256GB of data storage.  So there are NO fees to view your recorded footage!

*4 camera system w/solar full install/setup approx. $1099.