R - Technology

Scalable Modern Technology

Want to add modern finishes, controls and personal security to your  business, home, vacation property or your AirBNB?... GEIGN can recommend and install all the correct scalable technology that makes sense to your living style now and for years to come! We take the time to choose the best technology that makes the most sense, intuitive and  has expanding capabilities.  We know how frustrating it is to buy the 'new tech' just to turn around and buy 'replacement tech' with expanded features 2 yrs later! What we recommend is what we personally would use. So whether you want to take the leap into the future all at once or a little at a time, let GEIGN be a part of your journey!

Premium Camera Systems

Homes or small businesses.... get enhanced picture quality with Ultra HD to 4k security cameras! Let us help you choose from the wide array of styles and features! Features like low-profile, domed, deterrent, audio, color-night vision, etc. All systems are equipped with an NVR so the footage is stored locally and not reliant on the cloud or subscription service!

Scalable Smart Home Control

No centrally located 7in tablet taking up counter space or mounted to your wall. This technology fits in your current light socket and can control a multitude of smart products. This acts as  light controller/dimmer, controls thermostat, smart locks, smart bulbs, an intercom between rooms (requires additional units), and other smart products.

It contains a motion sensor to automatically turn on/off lights and set them automatically to the correct brightness upon entering the room!


Enjoy a truly keyless entry system that works for everyone from personal use to vacation properties and businesses! Have peace of mind with increased security and connectivity! The system easily integrates with your smart home!

Access can be granted thru bio-metrics, key fobs, pass-codes and traditional keys! All can be wi-fi enabled and controlled remotely from anywhere!

Sleek Temperature Controls

A sleek touch-sensitive, translucent glass, smart thermostat! Compatible with our scalable smart home designs or utilize as a stand alone.  Features smart scheduling and also monitors air quality!

Access Points

Never have a weak wifi signal with this industry standard, indoor/outdoor, weather resistant access point! It supports ultra fast 5GHz and 2.4GHz speeds with a range of 400ft!


You can use this at home but it perfectly suits vacation home owners, AirBnB managers and small businesses. This module monitors temperature, noise levels (prevent parties and keep the neighbors happy), motion detection and glass break for unwanted intruders. It also can monitor CO2 and smoke detectors! Any alert can automatically notify you and/or your tenant!  Get notified in real time of any issue going on in your space, not after the tenant or neighbor decides to call you!