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With our free consultation we can asses your needs and options. We will aggregate the information, then provide you with a quote that will include product, installation and the period of time needed to get your project completed in detail.

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Don't get yourself stuck wasting money and buying various DIY technology, just to find out it doesn't work as seamless as expected. You can waste alot of time and energy looking at boxes, reading manuals, searching vendor sites or asking friends if they 'know someone' to install some random technology you bought.  G E I G N will carefully design and install networks with proven products that surpasses customers expectations.  We also offer a comprehensive product protection plan  for those times a piece of technology fails!

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G E I G N  Install Approximates

Approximate costs for vary per install, please contact us for an accurate FREE estimate!
  • Cat6 Cabling:  average $47 per Cat6 run up to 50ft, termination and wall mounts to each designated location. Patch into existing network and test each line for connectivity.
  • $2399 for a Premium 6 camera NVR system install: includes up to 800ft of Cat6 cabling and connectors, set-up NVR on the network, 6 camera installation, 24' monitor, UPS.
  • $2599 for a 2 door Premium Bosch Access/Intrusion Control system: includes up to 800ft cabling, 2 exit buttons, 2 Bosch RFID readers,  1 enrollment device, 2 mag-locks (600lbs), 1 mounted security enclosure, 2 Bosch glass-break sensors, 2 Bosch motion sensors, 2 Bosch request-to-exit sensors, 1 Bosch color graphic touchscreen, 10 key FOB's, UPS.
  • $1199 for a Commercial Grade 2 IP Phone install: includes up to 800ft Cat6 cabling, 2 Video IP Phones, set-up on network and training, termination and wall jacks.

* Approximates are based on normal installation, not extended cable runs, PTZ cameras, conduit, trenching, man-lifts, any mounting above 20ft or other obstacles uncommon to most typical installation conditions. We can provide an estimate for any additional work needed.  Approximates are also based on FREE travel within 25 miles of Philadelphia, PA. We can provide an estimate on any inquiry within the 50 states.

Other sample pricing. 
WiFi/Bio-Metric Deadbolt Estimate


  • Smart Deadbolt - $180

  • Installation Costs - $150

TV / Monitor wall mounting


  • Installation includes a full motion articulating arm with swivel/tilt rotation! It fits most 40in to 70in TV's!

  • We take the hassle out of YOU shopping for the right mount! We can also offer suggestions on a TV that best for you! 

Level 2 Data Recovery (PC)


  • Hard drive or camera card stopped working and you need to get your photos or sensitive data back?

  • Let us help! If we cant retrieve any data... NO CHARGE!


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