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Welcome. If you see this page, you have been entrusted.

We are a group of installers and tech concierge providers with very close relations with distributors and administrators withn the B&O structure. We provide information on direct product deals and packages that you can only get here. Ths page is for you ONLY. Please do not share or make this page public. 

This page is for a private nework of B&O and potential B&O owners.

In Short:

  • What you see here is what YOU see here.

  • Do not randomly call or contact any retail store about what you see here. We have 2 B&O administators and 1 installer we deal with directly. If you need further assistance or questions need to be answered, we can direct you to one of the 3.

  • Your confidentiallity is safe with us. We've seen some sales people at work, and we've seen them lose clients because of upselling and constant bombardment of calls trying to sell 'more' to clients. That's not what we do here. When we do a deal, your phone # and email remain with us.

  • If the details link is still present, then the deal is still available.

  • Check this page at least once a week for new posts or for what has been sold.

  • In order to stay under the radar, we may change the URL of this page randomly. email us for access to the new link.

Until items say 'SOLD', it's still available. 

Our packages come with a dedicated GRYPHON network and a Lenovo tablet to ensure reliable connectivity and a flawless multimedia experience.


Harmony/18/19 Package

65in Anthracite Harmony package

Details Link

90's/Theatre Package

Black 90's with a Theatre Sound Unit

Details Link - SOLD



Deal: $1360 - SOLD

Harmony/18 Package

65in Oak and Silver Harmony package

Details Link

Harmony/90's Package

77in Gold Harmony, Sand 90's

Details Link

50/Theatre Package 

Silver 50's with chain-link grills.

Details Link SOLD


Pair of Gold 18's



Pair of Silver 28's



Gold A9



Black A9



17tile/8 speaker


We take ideas from inception to completion!