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G   E   I   G   N 

Making spaces smarter and safer.

*professional commercial/residential  installations in PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, DC

G   E   I   G   N

Premium Features

*You Maintain Control of Your Recorded Footage*

All systems store videos locally on your NVR (not in the cloud) for your personal use and can be accessed remotely via PC or mobile app.

Color Night Vision

See a noticeable difference in Color Night Vision! We can install various wired cameras that deliver hi-contrast color images in low-light conditions.

2-Way Audio

A selection of cameras have an audio feature where you can  'listen-in' or utilize 2-way communications.

Active Deterrence

Along with motion detection, a selection of cameras can automatically illuminate the area and activate a siren upon activity within the sensors range.

G   E   I   G   N 

Premium Systems

*Systems can be custom configured with a wide array of different products to satisfy your needs!

HD Resolution

1080p Wireless HD System

They can be mounted indoor or outdoors! Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 450ft range!

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Ultra HD Resolution

4K Wired Digital IP Systems

8 Mega-Pixel systems that features 4x optical zoom, 135ft. color night vision, deterrence, motorized and vari-focal dome or bullet style cameras.

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Commercial Technology

Business Solutions

We are in an ever changing digital world, let us aid you in staying current with affordable technology and the support you'll need moving forward! 

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G   E   I   G   N

Premium Technology

Smart Locks

Keyless entry via biometrics, code, key fob or smartphone!

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More Tech

Upon consultation and the survey of your project, we can fine tune your needs and suggest the correct  technology to complete your space!

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Mounting a TV, monitor or your computer crashed and you need your data and pictures back? Get a FREE consultation before you spend a dollar!

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G   E   I   G   N

FREE, No-Obligation Analysis!


Churches, Day-Cares, Retail, Beauty/Barbershops, Auto Shops, etc. Keep and eye on the entrances and alley ways with crisp 4k images, color night vision and deterrent cameras!

We can install the right system that will cover all 'corners' of your space


In these times, personal peace of mind is paramount. Whether it's your home, outdoor shed/garage or if you want to monitor an elderly's home-care remotely.

We have the expertise for your peace of mind. 


Giving you the best direction to go is paramount at GEIGN. Whether you employ us, take our advice and go elsewhere or use us as a do-it-yourself hotline... our goal is to make sure everyone we talk to ends up educated and satisfied with their decision.  

You GEIGN knowledge and we GEIGN a friend!!!


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