70v ProAudio

Indoor/Outdoor Professional Audio Solutions.

Premium Scalable Audio

Indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial... we have various different styles of 70v premium speakers to make your space sound and look elegant.

70v Amplifiers

This is where we start. We consult with you to find out the scale of your project. Projects can have different needs. Some need zones, some are for ambient restaurant patio style audio or some may require system more robust for lively social settings as in a pool or recreational area. We go over every detail to figure the amount of speakers and power needed to distribute your audio. 

These  2/4-zoned, dual-impedence, 200w/500w amplifiers are the foundation of our premium 70v systems.

Premium 70v Speakers

Various indoor/outdoor styled 70v speakrs to meet any aesthetic.


Place these powerful 6.5 inch landsacape speakers discreetly around patios/pools/flower beds/etc to fill any outdoor space.

Outdoor : White or Black 


Stylish, modern, speakers can be hung indoors or outdoors. Perfect for open ceilings in commercial spaces and outoor pergolas.

Indoor/Outdoor : White or Black / 4 or 6.5 inch

360 Quad 

These  indoor/outdoor 1/4 round speakers can be used individually, paired or 4 together with a special mount to create a circular 360 degree auditory experience!

Indoor/Outdoor : White or Black


This 3-way all-weather surface mount speaker encompasses an exclusive bass enhancement radiator that provides an enhanced low-end for a richer and more robust full-range sound.

Indoor/Outdoor : White or Black / 6.5 or 8 inch


The VXS Series delivers quintessential sound quality in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Crisp vocal reproduction, full range sound and minamalist design enhances any space.

Indoor/Outdoor: White or Black / 5.25 or 8 inch

10in Outdoor Subwoofer

Perfect for adding bass to outdoor areas such as patios, pools, gardens, and landscaped areas, the 10 inch subwoofer delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price.

Outdoor : White or Black

We take ideas from inception to completion!