Residential and Business

G - Technology

Scalable Modern Technology

Want to add modern finishes, controls and personal security to your business, home, vacation property? Need to monitor your AirBNB? The GEIGN team can recommend and install all the proper scalable technology that makes sense to your living style... now and for years to come! We take the time to select the best technology that makes the most sense with intuitive and  expandable capabilities.  We know how frustrating it is to buy the 'new tech' and then to be forced to buy 'replacement tech' with expanded features after just 2 years! What we recommend is what we personally use. So whether you want to take the leap into the future all at once or a little at a time, let GEIGN be a part of your smart-home journey!

Alarm Systems - Light Controls - Locks -  Hi-Fi - Surveillance  - Networking - Automated blinds and more!

Integrated Intrusion System

Stay safe with a premium Honeywell Security System! Every Honeywell Security System that boasts many automation features to control native and certain Z-wave products! The hybrid panel is natively wireless with the flexibility of supporting wired products when needed. The bonus? The intuitive interface and 24/7 monitoring packages that are available to make your security system complete!

Test drive the TC2 app via the web or mobile device. HERE

Smart Living Controls

GEIGN takes pride in integrating the latest innovative technologies. Lighting controls, thermostats, alarm, cameras, audio, etc all on one central device.

Products are scalable. You can install one and scale up to multiple units at any time!

Monitor Areas

Premium Camera Systems

Keep eyes on any property from 4 cameras up to 32! Our systems come equipped with state-of-the-art technology from color-night-vision to area alerts! Systems can also can be equipped with different style cameras to fit the area being watched and with audio option. These systems are perfect for stores, offices, day-cares, churches, schools, recreation centers, pool areas, etc! Contact Us today and schedule a free quote!

IP full system estimates:

*16 camera IP system approx.: $4299 

*8 camera IP system approx.: $2899 

5MP DVR system:

*6-8 camera system approx: $1899

*Current offers/estimates valid to businesses within 50 miles of 19462

* Approximates are based on normal installation, not extended cable runs, PTZ cameras, conduit, trenching, man-lifts, any mounting above 20ft or other obstacles uncommon to most typical installation conditions. We can provide an estimate for any additional work needed.  

Wireless Camera Systems

A totally wireless system that provides the latest in professional security features without cabling. Every camera has active deterrance and night vision. Solar panels keep the li-ion batteries charged so  you never have remove the batteries to re-charge them. There are NO fees to view your recorded footage, it's all stored locally! Perfect for 99% of homeowners who want security without invasive installations.

Layered Security

Premium Access Control 

Add more security to a certain area or the entire property. Our modern systems can hold up to 5k users with individual access cards, keypad codes or cell phone access codes (for those who do not want to carry access cards). Control 2 to 4 doors equipped with wiegand readers and 600lb maglocks. Create specific parameters for doors to be accessed by certain people, keep records of what users were allowed or denied at a particular station and allow access to doors remotely! 

Network cabling and equipment

Stay Connected

Moving into or planning a new office? Need added data lines to a specific area?  We can build and manage robust networks and run data lines for businesses, day cares, churches, offices, recreation centers, etc. We can also help you plan out cabling, connections, data line drops and expanded wifi within any area! Contact us to get a FREE and accurate assessment of the plan needed for your project!