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Many may have thought about it, but we have executed in making the most unique Hi-Fi system in the world... even more flexible!

BeoSound Shape

A beautiful self-contained Hi-Fi system meant to be wall-mounted. Of course you need the wall space and make a final decision on which wall to install. For those living in city condos or if you move from a house, you then have to hire a contractor to 'fix' the wall of the uninstalled Shape. You also, have to get it re-installed into your new residence. Tho its a lovely sound system, many committments are to be made that makes purchasing a daunting decision.


We've taken this unit off the wall and mounted it on a custom 3/4 inch proprietary 'floating' interface.  Now all you need is a little bit of floor space and you can experience this unique Hi-Fi system without the anxiety of a 'wall installation'. We have 3 variations of this unit and we are the only place you can get the H-Series. As certified installers, you can be assured this unit is assembled, wired and custom crafted with every detail in mind.

H2 + H5 + H9

Premium, flexible hi-fi unit with unlimited visual creativity that you can only get with GEIGN and HarfordTrust.

*The H-Series are custom made units, please allow 3-5 weeks from processed payment to delivery/installation*

H2 - Talice

The H2 Talice is mounted on a marble-coated, modern glass base with a silver metal support armature. The stand also comes in Black/Gold and  Powder White/Gray.

Contains: 4 speakers : 1 amplifier : 1 Streamer

Height approx: 6ft 


H5 - Waiv

The deluxe H5 Waiv contains 2 additional tiles to accomodate additional audio components for a more immersive experience. Walnut legs with black trim completes the warmth of this unit. 

Contains: 6 speakers : 2 amplifiers : 1 Streamer

Height approx: 6ft 


H9 - Mamuth

The massive H9 Mamuth artistic audio unit is the pinnacle of customized hi-fi. Let this 17 tile canvas be the palette of your imagination! Perfect for corp. branding and larger spaces.

Contains: 12 speakers : 3 amplifiers : 1 Streamer

Height approx: 5ft 


Personalize the H-Series to make it your very own! 

Use standard B&O tiles, choose from the H|T custom gallery, submit your own photos or have it custom designed!

H2 fully customized system breakdown:

  • Bang & Olufsen Base Unit - 8 tiles, 4 speakers, 1 (8x80) amplifier, 1 Streaming Core, accessories ($7200)

  • 1 Custom-crafted, proprietary floating HT interface with modern floorstand unit. ($2040)

  • Lenovo control tablet, Dedicated Gryphon routing, Integrated surge protection power unit. ($370)

 SAVE 12% when purchasing 2 or more! Prices include all taxes, delivery and installation within 30 miles of the Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia PA.

*Additional delivery, freight & install fees will apply to areas outside the metropolitan areas stated above.

Under The Hood

Behind the B&O standard or custom tiles lay the backbone of the audio system.  Here is an example of a 10-tile unit with 4 speakers, 1 amplifier and 1 streaming unit mounted on the wall. The remaining tiles are acoustic dampeners. 

Contact us today for a consultation on a wall or floorstand.

*Installation nationwide.

All units are custom made to order. All sales are final.